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Huge selection of truck rims in all sizes

Looking to accessorize that new escalade with truck wheels and tires. We have one of the largest selections of custom truck rims and aftermarket wheels anywhere. Maybe you have an 8 lug Chevrolet truck or Hummer H2 that you are having trouble with? Let 1Stop Rim Shop put you in a brand new set of wheels. Sizes include 16 inch, 17 inch, 18 inch, 19 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch, 25 inch, 26 inch, and even 28 inch wheels. Do not trust someone else with your wheel purchase, turn to the most experienced sales staff in the industry. Most of our sales team started out in the warehouse, mounting and balancing your wheels and tires, before moving into the sales office.

We pride ourselves in keeping up with all the cutting-edge designs and new trends to keep us a step ahead of the competition. Our relationships with the most prestigious wheel makers ensure that we'll always have plenty of exceptionally priced, in-stock options available. We also stock aftermarket custom wheels for many vehicles including Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Saab, Chevrolets, Cadillac's, and Hondas. When you purchase a Wheel & Tire Package, your shipment arrives at your home or business already mounted and balanced, complete with chrome valve stems, instructions where applicable, and lug nuts, allowing you the option to install the package yourself. Award-winning customer satisfaction and warranty support complete the package of Expertise and service you'll get with every visit or call to 1StopRimShop. Why should you spend your hard-earned money with another company that is inexperienced or unwilling to go the extra mile for your customer satisfaction. Not only do we carry almost all major wheelbrands, but we feel we have one of the most highly-trained sales staffs in the industry. Our puchasing agents are careful to select from the top wheel manufacturor in the wheel industry. Extra service, expert advice and really great prices on wheels are what our customers have come to expect from 1StopRimShop. Just give our sales staff a call today and soon you will be enjoying your new set of wheels!!

Although we do not offer every type of wheel construction available we have provided a list of the most common types of wheel construction.

Types of wheels

1-piece wheels - As the name implies a one-piece wheel is made of a single piece, usually a cast aluminum wheel from A-356 grade aluminum.

2-piece - 2-piece wheels are made from a cast or billet center welded into a spun forged barrel. This type of wheel weighs less than a 1-piece wheel and come in a variety of offsets.

Steel alloy - Steel alloy wheels are made form a pressed or stamped center welded into a steel outer barrel.

Forged wheels - One of the most advanced methods of manufacturing wheels today. Forging compresses a billet of aluminum into a wheel by using millions of pounds of pressure. The result is a wheel that is much stronger than a cast aluminum wheel.

Billet wheels - Can be of one or two piece design but two piece is more common. Billet wheels are machined from blank aluminum stock to desired design, size and application.

You'll get everything for bolt-on installation at no additional charge. TPMS sensors purchased are installed free of charge, too. And for a vibration-free ride, packages are also precision-mounted and Hunter RoadForce™ balanced.

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